Dr. Nichols specializes in official and corporate portraits for businesses, military, government, educational institutions and religious organizations.Below are a few of the portraits he has painted over the past 30 years.

corporate/MaryBethwebsize.jpg corporate/BabsBaughwebsize.jpg corporate/FredaPevetoWeb.jpg corporate/MarvinEllieForlandWeb.JPG
corporate/PevetoWebsize.jpg corporate/Phyllisgoldweb.jpg corporate/Codyweb.jpg corporate/Marionweb.JPG
corporate/RUNNLESweb.JPG corporate/MITCHELLweb.jpg corporate/BOWDENweb.jpg corporate/Baughweb.jpg
corporate/VestalWeb.JPG corporate/MollyWeb.jpg corporate/Forlandunveilweb.jpg corporate/Organistweb.jpg
corporate/preacherweb.jpg corporate/Wally.JPG corporate/Buttweb.jpg corporate/Barnes.jpg
corporate/Jean.jpg corporate/SenDolea.jpg corporate/Aireya.jpg corporate/billthinkinga.jpeg

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To assure an organization that the commissioning process be a pleasant onee, It is important that those in charge of choosing an artist find an artist who is experienced in working with corporations. Dr. Nichols has painted official or corporate portraits of some of our nation's most respected leaders such as
United States Senator, Bob Dole
United States Federal Trade Commissioner, Tony Armendariz
Sysco Corporation Founder & CEO, John Baugh
International scholar, Dr.John Paul Newport
Religious leader, Rev. Frank Short 
Philanthropists, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Piper.   
University of Texas Medical School, Founder, Dr. Marvin Forland
HEB Foundation, Chairman, Howard Butt, Jr.
Standfor University Professor & Author, Dr. Abraham Verghese
Philanthropist, Edith McAllister
United States Air Force,Sixteen Chief Master Sergaents
Baptist Hospital Foundation, President Luke Williams
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Execuitve Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Vestal
Central Baptist Theological Seminary, President, Dr. Molly Marshall

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