Gifted Child - Master Artist 
Dr. G. William Nichols (Bill), began painting portraits at the early age of ten. Because of this unusual childhood gift, at twelve he was invited to study under master portrait artist, Hugh Walters, a leading Dutch classical portrait artist. With a Bachelors of Arts degree from the Florida State University School of Art and a PhD in Philosophy, Nichols studied art in China, Japan, India, Israel and throughout Europe. Throughout his 30 years as a commission portrait artist, Nichols has emphasized emotion and restraint. His portraits are especially appreciated for his minutely detailed precision that is unerringly true to life. His paintings include such dignitaries as:
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Distinguished Dignitaries
Senator Bob Dole; International scholar, John Paul Newport; White House Attorney and U.S. Commissioner, Tony Armendariz; Sixteen United States Air Force Chief Master Sergeants; Sysco Founder, John Baugh; Miss Teen America, 2008; Stanford University Professor and author, Dr. Abraham Verghese; Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics Founder, Dr. Marvin Forland; HEB Grocery Leaders, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Butt, San Antonio philanthropist, Edith McAllister; Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Executive Coordinator, Dr. Daniel Vestal; Central Baptist Theological Seminary, President, Dr. Molly Marshall and many others.
When he is not painting a commissioned portrait or attending an unveiling ceremony, Nichols paints portraits of ordinary people from cultures where he has traveled. Because he lives in San Antonio, Texas, he also enjoys painting other Southwest subjects such as still life and nature.

To discuss your interest in a portrait, please call Dr. Nichols. He will be happy to talk to you without any obligations about your portrait needs.




Precious Heirloom 

Because each Nichols portrait will be for you a precious heirloom, cherished for generations to come, Dr. Nichols approaches each portrait as a unique creative adventure. Part of his service to you is a formal unveiling ceremony.